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Lake County captains are proud to announce that Eastlake has moved up to the top of the men's and women's Major League Baseball ladder. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has selected Captains' Ballpark as the venue for the D III Men's Baseball Championships in 2024 and 2026, and the US Open Baseball Championship in 2020 and 2022.

The North Coast Athletic Conference (NCAC) will officially host the tournament. The 2024 tournament will be the first time Northeast Ohio will host the DIII College Baseball World Series, and it will be one of eight national championships coming to Greater Cleveland in the fall of 2022 and 2026.

They will also host the tournament in 2019 and 2023 and 2026 as part of the North Coast Athletics Conference (NCAC).

The Captains play in Classic Park, which is about two miles from Lake Erie, while Cedar Rapids is 1,800 miles from Anaheim, and they hope to play in the Midwest League for the first time in their history (before 2010, they played in the South Atlantic League). Interestingly, the Bowling Green Thrashers of the American League Central Division also moved their home ballpark in 2009. Given that there are no teams from the Midwest League, perhaps the best solution would be to resolve this case of Ballpark Geography's inaccuracy.

One of the two high schools in the district is Longfellow Elementary School, located on the corner of Main Street and Stevens Blvd. The other high school, the East Lake High School District, is one of two in his district and is located on the east side of Lake Erie, south of Stevens Boulevard and east of Interstate 75.

Euclid, however, will occupy the facility for a Division I playoff game against St. Ignatius on Friday night. Lakewood, which is scheduled to play its first regular-season game at East Lake on Saturday, will play a non-conference game Sunday for the first time this season.

Class A Midwest League members have hosted the tournament every year since 2000, and from 2000 to 2018 it was hosted by East Lake, Lakewood, Euclid, Cleveland Heights, West Chester and Lakeland.

While there are the usual parking lots around the suburban polling places, there are a few new suburbs in East Lake, though there is not as much of it as you might expect in other parts of the city.

Eastlake is home to the Eastlake Captains, a minor league baseball team affiliated with the Cleveland Indians. The name "Classic Park" is derived from the original name of the team's home pitch, the Classic Park Stadium. ClassicPark opened when the franchise moved from Columbus, Georgia, to East Lake in 2003. As the name and logo on the stadium itself and the home stadium attest, the Captains have been an Indian subsidiary since the 1990s.

Eastlake is part of the Cleveland metropolitan area and is home to Eastlake Community College and East Lake High School, as well as a number of other local schools. It is home to Akron-based FirstEnergy Generating Station, where the city's first nuclear power plant was shut down in 2003, causing a shortage of natural gas for the region's power grid and a drop in electricity prices. The ceremony took place simultaneously with the Olympic Torch that made its way across the US East Coast during the 1996 Olympic Games. If you can work it out, it is certainly not on the Pacific coast, but in the Northeast Ohio region, north of Akron and east of Cleveland.

On the next drive, Eastlake North attempted to score a 36-yard field goal to extend the lead, but Froelich called his own number on the keeper as North increased the lead to 30-16 with 11: 09 left. Willoughby South put the field under pressure on his next possession, a drive capped by a 14-yard touchdown by junior wide receiver Michael Buechler.

The Lady Rangers had no choice but to play foul when Lemire hit a double play with 20 seconds left to make it 60-53. Ice Veins hit her second field goal of the game, a 52-yarder with 6: 8 left in the fourth quarter to ice the game.

Williams had 10 points and six assists and used her unworldly speed to wreak havoc in the Eastlake North zone - the heavy defense. Payne hammered the left side for a run as North took a 23-16 lead with 4: 18 left in the third quarter. Grosel cut the lead to 30-23 with a jumper to Hopps with nine minutes left that skipped over a defender and scored on her second field goal of the game, a three-point play.

Eastlake North used a rushed attack to take the biggest lead of the game, 30-23, in the third quarter. The 8,310 units are the second largest in Eastlake's history, behind only the 6,000-square-foot Eastside building.

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