County doesn't want oil-tainted soil dumped in landfill

Published 07-26-2018

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ARNOLDS PARK, Iowa (AP) - Leaders of a northwest Iowa county want to block the dumping of oil-contaminated soil in a local landfill.

The soil is being removed from fields near where railroad tankers cars derailed and leaked near Doon. BNSF Railway has estimated that around 160,000 gallons (605,648 liters) spilled June 22 into floodwaters of the Little Rock River, contaminating farm fields. The contaminated dirt is being replaced with new topsoil.

The Dickinson County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to send letters to the Iowa Natural Resources Department and various officials to share concerns about the soil being dropped in the county landfill east of Arnolds Park.

Supervisor Bill Leupold is hoping for quick responses to the county letters, worrying about the proximity of the landfill to East Lake Okoboji and other waterways.

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